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Every woodcut print shown here is handmade and hand printed, using archival quality inks and paper. Great care is taken to ensure each print on paper will last a lifetime with the proper care.


***Holiday 2021 information Please Read before ordering***

With the current delays in shipping and limited availability of some of the materials I use to create certain finished pieces keep the following in mind while ordering. Please plan to order on or before NOVEMBER 30 2021. I may extend this deadline if conditions permit. This deadline will give me plenty of time to receive any needed materials and notify customers of any delays and or concerns. Please feel free to email with any questions regarding potential orders. I may still be able to fulfill some orders after the deadline but cannot guarantee it.

  - I am currently printing, coloring and finishing Ready to Hang fish as they are ordered. This process takes 7-10 days from start to being ready to ship. Please email if you have any questions and thank you for your patience.

 - Press Printed shirts and hoodies are printed one at a time as they are ordered. Blanks are ordered every two weeks (usually the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month) to fulfill orders, and once the shirts and hoodies are printed and the ink is dry they will be shipped out. I do keep a small inventory of common sizes in a couple colors and am happy to print shirts sooner if I have your size and color in stock. Please email if you have any questions about the shirts and expected timeline for delivery.




Please allow 7-10 days for most orders to ship. Fixed rate shipping is for U.S. customers only and will be shipped either UPS Ground or USPS Priority. If you are a International customer, or have other shipping needs please contact me directly. Thanks.

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