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Each print starts out as a drawing, distilled down to a black and white image. Care is taken to retain each species unique characteristics. The drawing is then transferred to a prepared piece of finish grade plywood. Then I begin hand cutting, removing all the wood that represents the area to remain white after printing. It takes quite a bit of time to get everything cut out, especially all the beautiful spots and scales. Once I feel the carving is complete the "plate" is sealed to prevent the oil based ink from sinking into the wood. Ink is then rolled over the surface of the plate, paper is placed on the inked plate and the whole thing is hand cranked through a flatbed press. The prints are then allowed to dry. Once completely dry, some of the prints are individually hand colored, rendering it one-of-a-kind. The fish is then pasted onto 3/4 finish grade Birch plywood, and cut out. Hardware is added to the back side of the print to make it ready for your wall.

Prints in the Making

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